Vietnam’s weather and travel guidance

The weather is certainly your concern before deciding a journey to Vietnam. Besides information you can find somewhere, you will see from us actual information about Vietnam, reliable facts, guidance and travel tips from local travel experts.

Vietnam spans long over 15­­o latitude (from 8o10’ to 23o24’ mainland) so two per three parts (in central to southern Vietnam) has tropical climate, and northern Vietnam is subtropical climate. The country is at the edge of South China Sea so the tropical climate is influenced monsoon seasons. It impacts the weather varying due to atmospheric circulation, making season pattern changed heavy rain to short dry; actual weather could differ weather chart. Weather forecasts are good in a week and might not be exact, you would understand that the monsoon wind can blow clouds farther to other places. We are used to rain forecasts in the summer that we still wait for cool air after the rain or will not see rain in the week. Storm forecasts are usually quite correct nevertheless storm might be stronger or dissipates quickly.

Vietnam Seasons

In general, the best time to travel Vietnam is from late January to May and from October to November because it is not very hot and not very wet so quite comfortable. Due to diverse topography, the weather in a part of the country is different other parts. North of Vietnam have four seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter though there is actually dry seasons in late Autumn to early Spring, then wet season in late Spring and Summer. The South and Central Vietnam have distinct dry and rainy seasons; dry and hot from January to April, wet and warm with highest rainfall in June to August. The weather patterns even in each month just indicates average temperature, rainfall and so.

Tropical storms usually occur in late July to November. Storms come first in the North, affect the mountainous area and coastline there in July to September. Storms come the Central part in October to November but rainy season starts in July until October. Storms rarely appears in the South at end of the year, however torrential rain pours in May till end October merely very quickly so will not upset your vacation.

Weather travel guidance

Vietnam is impacted high humidity throughout the country due to the winds of the south-western monsoon and tropical monsoon climate. The monsoon winds picks up considerable moisture to the north so humidity is significant high in many days in both summer and winter seasons. In the North, you might feel chilly when it is 10-12oC in the Winter and sweaty in the Summer.

Temperatures are uniformly high and high ultraviolet across the country during the summer months. The difference in temperature hardly change over 3oC in the south of Vietnam. In the north of Vietnam, the climate is much harsher than other regions, the temperature can augment or drop even 10oC in few days, extreme temperature up to 40oC in summer or down to 10oC. Packing flexible and different clothes layers is wonderful to prepare for varied conditions, mainly when you fly between two ends of the country.

Whatever you travel in Vietnam in which month, it is wise to add poncho in your check list and bring with you. You can buy cheap poncho easily in cities but it is necessary for mountainous hiking/trekking in the winter with rainfall because it helps you to keep dry and against wind.

For your pack list:

* Cotton, thin/light clothes (for summer)

* Airy clothes

* Light warm clothes (except summer)

* Windproof, waterproof clothes and socks (for winter)

* Warm coat/jacket and trousers (for winter)

* Sunblock, UV block, hat, sunglasses

* Poncho

Below is our table of weather in Vietnam and main destinations in general. You would find the best time to travel for your coming journey and which places to dodge with the time you may arrange for your vacation. Which destination should be in your plan definitely depends upon what you want to do and your interests.

As weather in Vietnam varies though the country, please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We work hard to prepare for a remember holiday Vietnam and advise you if any or some places unsuitable when you want to travel. In case of bad to severe weather conditions even after booking, we advise you options to rearrange for your holiday.



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