What is Sky Asia Travel?

Sky Asia is origin from our mother company call Hanoi Sky. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years. From the opening, we specialize in the domestic market, most of our clients are Incentive groups, individual VIPs, client’s group of big companies in Vietnam, both local and international companies. We have experience in team building, event organizing, VIP individual care more than any other companies in Hanoi. Sky Asia is our extending step, to cover bigger market of foreigner travelers, to bring an authentic Vietnam to foreigner friends and to bring memories which you will never forget in Vietnam.

Why should I travel with Sky Asia Travel?

We have over 15 years of experience in the travel industry, and unlike many other tour companies offering Southeast Asian packages, we are somewhat unique in that we concentrate solely on holidays in Vietnam and Indochina and we live here so we know how to bring you local experience, and how to give you individual care and VIP services.

Our staffs and guides are experienced, dedicated and extremely knowledgeable and, as our name suggests, we keep up to date with all the latest experiences to refresh our products regularly. This ensures you have a unique and special travel experience and get to journey beneath the surface and see the true Vietnam and Indochina. Take advantage of our in-depth knowledge, escape the crowds and allow us to create your dream Asia holiday. This is your chance to truly Vietnam and Indochina.

Are you are registered tour company?

Yes. We are a registered tour company and hold a valid tourism licence for all the countries we operate in.

For how long have you been in business?

We have been handling groups for more than 15 years now.

Do you provide trips for only groups or also individuals?

Absolutely. We can suggest trips for different number of groups. We can also customize tours according to your preference.

Can you apply VISA on our behalf?

Yes we have a dedicated visa department which will take care of your visa requirements.

How will we select a destination for our tour?

Based on the group size, budgets and travel schedule, we can suggest destinations or can give recommendations on any of the destination which you might have in mind.

Do you provide a tour manager as well?

Yes we do with big groups from 100 pax because it’s very important for us to provide you an amazing experience and we don’t want you to go through any trouble be it related to hotel check in or sightseeing. Therefore, a tour manager will be there to manage the group and make sure that you don’t face any problem.

Do you have a fixed itinerary, or it can be customized as well?

We do both. Some Seat-In-Coach tours will be with fixed itineraries, which will help you to save money as you join a group. While the customized itineraries will be private tours, which the tours are customed as per group’s specific requirement to deliver a personalized experience.

Can I buy flights from you?

Yes. We can arrange flights. Contact us with your preferred date, departure and arrival information and we will get back to you with a quote. We can arrange all your internal flights locally in Indochina.

How do I make a payment?

We accept various ways of payment with the main ways being bank transfer and credit card. Please note bank transfer fee and credit card admin fee 3.3% will be on clients’ account.

Do I need travel insurance?

All clients MUST have personal travel insurance adequate for their holiday and the activities they you are going to undertake.

Do I need a visa to travel to Vietnam and Indochina?

Some countries require visas for certain nationalities where others don’t.

Please see our “Visa information: https://skyasiatravel.com/visa-requirements-to-travel-in-vietnam/” or page for all the information on each individual country. The page also gives helpful advice of how to get your visa on arrival or in advance.

What do I need to bring with me?

Please take a look at the ‘What to Pack’ section on the ‘Tips and Articles” page. This will give a list of recommendations of what to bring with you; however, if you forget to pack something then don’t worry as you will be able to pick up almost anything once on the ground in Asia.

How far in advance do I need to book my trip?

There is no hard and fast guide, however as long as there is availability and that we can receive payment in time to confirm your itinerary; then we will always be able to get your holiday booked. However, be sure to allow yourself enough time to obtain vaccinations where necessary.

Is there an age limit for these trips?

No there is not. We offer a wide range of itineraries, meaning that there is always going to be a trip to suit everyone’s abilities and preferences. We can also offer a full range of family itineraries that are specifically created with young children in mind. However, in terms of fitness levels, to get the most out of your travel experience you need a certain amount of get-up-and-go.

Is it possible to extend our holiday?

We are happy for you to arrive early for your holiday or take a short extension trip at the end. We are always very happy to accommodate and organize whatever additions you would like to make. It is also possible for us to pick you up at any border or entry point if you’re on a multi destination trip.

What standard of accommodation do you generally use?

On all of our tours we aim to provide you with the best accommodation available. By best we do not necessarily mean most expensive but most interesting, characterful and convenient, offering you the best experience possible. Knowing your accommodation represents a hugely important part of your trip, we spend a great deal of time searching out the best and most cozy places for you to stay.

I have travelled independently in the past – how much freedom/independence do your package tours allow me?

The activities included are scheduled to a rough timetable, however this is your holiday and you dictate the pace and points of interest. For example, if you want more time at one location and you don’t mind missing out on another then that’s what you’ll do.

Will I have the same guide throughout the trip?

In some instances, yes and in some no. You will always be benefiting from the attention of local guides and therefore there may be changes as you move through the county. However, we do try and keep continuity with the same guide or driver where ever we can.

How will I be travelling around Asia?

Transport is provided throughout in regularly serviced air-conditioned vehicles. The style and size will depend on the number in your group and the region you are travelling to. We are also able to book internal flights as well as boat trips and train rides. We try and make our holidays as authentic as possible so at times you may sample motorbike, tuk-tuk rides, ox cart and horse cart rides as well as many other means of local transport.

Is language a problem?

Absolutely not.  You will find that English is widely spoken throughout the country with varying degrees of proficiency. So you will always be able to communicate or find someone nearby to help you out.

I am a fussy eater. What is Asian cuisine like?

The food in Asia is absolutely delicious and there are so many different dishes to choose from. The meat is of very good quality. The chili factor varies from country to country so make sure you clearly tell your waiter if you want them to hold off on the strength. We of course recommend you to try local food as this is part of the overall experience however, if you do crave western food whilst away from home then you will find absolutely no problems finding a fix in various parts of Asia.

Is Asia Child Friendly?

Asia is an ideal destination for children, it is extremely safe and they will undoubtedly find it fascinating. The entire region is overflowing with unbelievable temples and amazing historical sites (that children actually get to interact with, rather than stand behind a rope as is the case throughout much of Europe) as well as a range of exciting activities such as elephant trekking, horse riding and quad biking. Shops and restaurants are also very well equipped in regards to children of any age.

I will be travelling with children can you provide car seats?

For insurance reasons I am afraid that we cannot provide car seats and you will have to bring them with you. However, airlines should allow travelling children to have either a pushchair or car seat as part of their airline ticket luggage allowance. All of our vehicles will however have seat belts so if your children are slightly older then you would only have to bring a booster seat with you.

How much should I tip?

As a general rule, tipping is not customary in our destinations. You will receive a Holiday Information Pack before your trip which will include more information about tipping in your trip destination(s).