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Sky Asia is origin from our mother company call Hanoi Sky. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years. We have experience in team building, event organizing, VIP individual care more than any other companies in Hanoi. Sky Asia is our extending step, to cover bigger market of foreigner travelers, to bring an authentic Vietnam to foreigner friends and to bring memories which you will never forget in Vietnam.

About us

Our travel themes

Browse our travel themes and get inspired by our circuit ideas to find the itinerary of your desires. They are all created entirely by ourselves and customizable at will!

Why choose us ?

The reasons to go with Sky Asia Travel

An Experienced local friend

We are your local advantage. Being a local tour operator, we combine over 15 years of experience in business travel in Vietnam and Indochina. We know everything about Vietnam, and this means working with the best local suppliers in both tourism and event business, allowing an impeccable organization and logistics service for your program and travel itinerary

Save time and money

We guarantee a fast and efficient response. In addition, our strong relationship with other suppliers makes all the negotiations precise and profitable, also saving you time and money. And our experienced team takes care of everything, facing there for you at every step. You need do nothing. Leave it with us. We are you!

A bunch of creatives

Creativity is the heart of our way of thinking. We know the authentic Vietnam cultural destinations, remote or finest Vietnamese venues and the potential of activity and we can fit them to your requirement and desire. Not in the common way. We will take you to travel in style. We think outside the box. Our team slogan: the sky is the limit … and even the sky can be crossed.

We are socially responsible

Being socially conscious is integral to what we daily do. We contribute to make a positive impact in economic development of the local community and we try to minimise the impact of our activities on the society where we live. Over the years, we became more aware of this responsibility and we do know that being sustainable and responsible is our commitment.

Tourist Feedback

I would like to thanks SKY ASIA TRAVEL for wonderful trip. It was wonderful and very enjoyable everything was very well organized and follow up during tour was really great. Staffs are very very enthusiastic, always say yes with what we demand


We are committed to offering superior services making us the ideal choice for a trip and event operator in Vietnam.


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