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“Way to the Top” Team Building Programe in Ba Khan Resort

Team Building in Ba Khan Resort 01 Day

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The Program helps company members have chance to team work, create the united team after each challenge, and then each individual will have more teammate to co-work in the future. The programe also show enthusiasm of each individual, find the person who has qualification to lead the team, the program helps the company leaders see the team accomplish missions by going over the program challenges. Finally, the programe helps enhancing Working Passion in your company members.

Activity details

MC invite all company members to gather in the main stage to make an united circle, play a few mini games to clear the distances among members, create some laughs for the beginning

MC divide the company into 2 teams, each team together to complete the first mission
- Vote a team leader to lead team
- Choose name for your team to show your power
- Choose a slogan to show your team spirit
- Choose a dance to show your personality

Game tools: 3m float column, with iron hook at two sides, 2,5kg weight

Mission: 6-10 members use 2 legs to move the float to the End, get a ball at the End and bring it to the Start. All members panticipate the game one by one, do not drop the float or you have to start from the beginning.

Point: Each 20 balls bring to the Start get 10 points

  • Challenge:

Tool: Wooden maze set

Mission: All members use the maze set and then all teams join the maze following the shape the MC askes
Note: using all the items in the provided time .

Point: which team finish in the right shape and fastest will get fastest point

  • Creating power: 

Game tools: Huge air ball, basketball, basket

Mission: One member hold the basketball and lye on the big air ball, all other member push the air ball from the Start to the line, the member with basketball throw the ball into the basket

Point: in the given time, which team throw the most ball into the basket will be the winner

  • Reaching higher: 

Game tools: Construction kit to make a canon

Mission: Each team receive a construction kit and create a canon, then use the canon to shoot the target. In a time, which team shoot more target will win.

  • Reaching the victory: 

Tool: Chair

Mission: Each team will have 3 chairs and have to take all team members to the end using 3 chairs, do not touch the ground and only lift each chair one time, each moving
time not limit number of people.

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