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Indoor team building activities offer the perfect solution to help your group strengthen their bonds, rain or shine, at almost any venue. Here is a comprehensive list of some fun and memorable indoor team building activities Sky Asia Travel suggests.

1. Indoor Charity Activities

  • Charity Bike Buildathon

plit into teams to build, decorate, and put together an advertising campaign for children’s bicycles. After each group has presented their bike, you get to donate them all to a charity of your choice!

  • Clothing Drive

Head to a local women’s center, church, or non-profit to help sort incoming clothing donations, assist with merchandising, or stock shelves during a clothing or donation drive.

  • Wheelchairs for Charity

In groups, collaborate with your coworkers to build and test real wheelchairs. After each chair passes a functionality course, your team gets to donate them all to a local charity that you will have selected beforehand.

  • Soup Kitchen

Prepare and serve meals side-by-side with your colleagues at a nearby soup kitchen or food bank during the holidays or whenever they are accepting volunteers.

  • School Supply Scramble

Through competing in a series of challenges, teams earn school supplies and bags to put together the ultimate backpack donations. Once assembly is finished, your group sends the bags to local children in need.

  • Bookworm Builders 

Show off your creative flare and do good at the same time with this philanthropic activity that tasks teams with building and decorating children’s bookshelves. Make a difference at the end by donating all of your creations to a local charity.

  • Assist Those in Need 

This is one of the most basic ways to give back. Simply head to a hospital, school, or senior center and volunteer alongside your colleagues. This activity can help you bond with your peers as you take part in an exercise of pure empathy and compassion.

2. Indoor Game Show Activities

For indoor team building that’s full of energy and excitement, try activities that are inspired by popular television game shows

  • Game Show Extravaganza

Show off your trivia knowledge in this fun game show-style competition! Split into teams and face off against other groups in five rounds of photo and trivia challenges that cover everything from pop culture to politics.

  • Pictionary

Let out your inner artist as you bond with your team over a game or two of Pictionary. Ask each participant to contribute a word for artists to pick from when it’s their turn to draw.

  • Heads Up!

A game popularized on The Ellen DeGeneres show, you can play Heads Up! on your smartphone by downloading the app, which provides lists of words. Choose someone to hold the phone to their forehead, while the rest of the group gives clues without saying the word onscreen. Try to get as many right as you can!

  • Minute to Win It

In this activity, based on the popular TV show, groups are challenged to tackle fun 60-second tasks before time runs out. Groups will need to work together, communicate, and cheer each other on in order to be successful.

  • Whose Line Is It Anyway?

Take some inspiration from this always-entertaining improve show and let the laughter begin! Ask employees to write down imaginary scenes that actors can choose from – without looking – when they go up to perform.

  • The Price Is Right

If you and your team are looking to show off your consumer knowledge, try setting up a few different games inspired by The Price Is Right!

Indoor Collaborative Activities

The below 10 activities offer team building options that are solely focused on working together and strengthening employee bonds.

  • Domino Effect Challenge

Together as a group, see if you and your colleagues can build a gigantic “chain-reaction” machine that really works! In smaller groups, participants create sections of the machine, and at the end, you’ll get to connect it all together to put it in motion.

  • Company Crest

Provide your team with sheets of paper or canvases and art supplies for this creative group activity in which employees create a crest to represent your company. You can choose to break out into smaller groups, or task everyone to work together on one big crest.

  • Cook a Meal

For your next company event, why not cook the food yourself? Task each department with preparing a portion, such as appetizers, sides, and desserts, or work on the entire meal together. Don’t have an office kitchen? Head out for a group cooking class instead!

  • Colleague Connections

A free icebreaker game created by Indochina MICE’s leadership team, Colleague Connections gets employees to spend five-minute, one-on-one intervals with their coworkers, as they ask questions designed to help them learn more about each other.

Business Challenge

Either as one big “think tank” or in smaller groups, ask your team to try to solve an issue that your organization is actually facing. Tell them that money and resources aren’t a factor and see what solutions they come up with!


Head to a local yoga class or ask a member of your team who’s passionate about meditation to lead a lunchtime session. This activity is a great way to bring your colleagues together, recharge, and find your inner Zen as a group before tackling the rest of your workday.

Desert Island

If your entire company or department was stranded on a desert island, what would you do? Challenge your team to determine the top 10 things they would absolutely need to survive and safely get home. Everyone must agree on the final list and solution!

4. Indoor Mystery Activities

Do you have a team who enjoys discussing conspiracy theories, solving mysteries, and tackling the unknown? You can bring an air of intrigue to your office or venue with any of the below options.

  • What Could It Be?

Using any object of your choice, ask each person in your group to give a silent demonstration of that item. The rest of your team will have to guess what their colleague is doing until someone gets it right. The object could be anything from a desk phone to your colleague’s water bottle.

  • Numbered Mystery

Start this activity by providing each employee with a different numbered clue. Participates will have to tackle hints in order if they want to correctly unravel the mystery, which can be something simple and relevant to your group like where and when your team’s lunch will take place!

  • Blind Buy

Break your group out into teams and ask them to prepare a sales pitch for a product of your choosing. The twist? Teams won’t know that the panel of judges who they’ll be pitching to will be blindfolded during the presentations.

  • Sounds of Silence

Give your team a series of challenges to do together – all in silence. See if they can build a human pyramid, put together a desk, or coordinate a group jumping photo without talking to one another. Add an element of confusion by purposefully giving one or two participants a different list of challenges.

  • Board Games

If your team loves a good thriller narrative and enjoys playing board games, there are plenty of great options that combine the two! Try games like Clue, Spyfall, or Codenames to add a little excitement to any indoor event.

  • Descriptive Artist

Pair employees up and provide each group with a picture, paper, and pencil. Sitting back-to-back, one person will describe the image and the other will attempt to recreate the picture using only their partner’s description. At the end, the artist will try to guess what their masterpiece is of.

5. Indoor Problem-Solving Activities

Not every group thrives off of “rah-rah” team activities. If your group is a bit more low-key, try one of these cognitive-based options instead.

  • Corporate Escape Rooms 

In this activity, our team brings the escape room experience right to your meeting space or office. Choose from Jewel Heist or The Mummy’s Curse, and start searching for hidden puzzles and clues to solve all the challenges before time runs out!

  • Sudoku Tournament

Using a free online version of this popular pastime, such as Sudoku.com, challenge employees to see who can solve the puzzles the fastest. Break your group out into teams to promote collaborative thinking and effective communication.

  • Code Break

Using Outback’s app, split up into small groups and put your heads together to solve a variety of puzzles, riddles, and trivia. The team who has completed the most challenges when time is up, wins!

  • Paper Towers

In this activity, every employee is given a single sheet of paper and a piece of masking tape. Within a given time limit – say five minutes – participants must try to build the tallest paper tower possible.

  • Office Builders

This activity makes use of everyday office supplies. Tell participants to bring three items from their desk and then split them up into teams. Using only the supplies that they brought with them, groups must build a structure of their choice like a mini bridge or small car.

  • The Barter Puzzle

Break out into teams and give each group a unique puzzle. The main goal is to see who can complete their puzzle first. The catch? Some pieces from every puzzle have ended up with another team, and they’ll have to negotiate to get them back.

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