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Da Nang is not only named as the most livable city in Vietnam, but also has many great places suitable for team building activities. The trend is being chosen by many businesses to build solidarity, boosts healthy competition among colleagues, creativity, productivity improvement. Teambuilding is even more attractive when organizing team building games on white sandy beaches, sunny in the coastal city of Da Nang. Here is a list of some outdoor activities that can be held at the beach.

Sensational Sandcastle Building

Bonding energetic team building teams are challenged to construct a “creative” themed Sand Castle. Goals: To Design a Sand Castle using the sand and tools and other materials and information provided. Groups will be judged on creativity, ingenuity, resourcefulness, and other criteria involved in creative team-building.

Go fly a kite

Teams are challenged to create a creative kite while incorporating their group into the design and decoration. And, the kite must be able to fly. Kites and teams will be judged on most creative kite, best incorporation of the company or team.

Catch the flag

The participants lie flat on their stomachs a few meters away from the flag field. The participants must then race to the flags and try to grab one. The participants who do not manage to grab a flag are eliminated, the flags are reset, and the game continues until there is one person remaining – the winner.

Beach scavenger hunt

After dividing the team, the administrator will create a list of 10 to 15 objects that the groups must find. Listed items may be available in the environment or previously hidden by the administrator. The team that finishes the search before the allotted time wins

Sand maze

Set another game leader, and have them set up a ‘maze’ on the beach. Bottles or jars of sand work well for this challenge. Pair up teams of 2. One person will be blindfolded and will navigate the maze led by his partner’s verbal instructions. The entire group should meet at the end of the game to discuss what parts worked successfully and which could use improvement

Towel relay race

Each team dips a towel in a sea water or bucket filled with water. The wet towel then passed from person to person and the last person in line that receives the wet towel must wring it out into a bucket. Then that person runs to the front of the line, dips the towel into the bucket of water and passes it on to the team. It continues until the first person in line is in the front again, the team that has the most water in their bucket is the winner.

Sand pictionary

The player will take a piece of paper from the box that has been written on. Then draw the object in the sand for the opponent to guess. The team that guesses the most wins. The duration of each turn is 60 seconds, the pairs will have to make it quickly to win

Agree to slap the East Sea

Each member will be given 1 plastic cup and 1 styrofoam container of water for the whole team. members sit together in a straight line. The first member will sit at the edge of the sea and the foam box will be placed behind the last member’s back. The first member will use a cup to scoop sea water and then pour the water in his glass to the cup of the person sitting behind, and when the last member will put his arm around his head and pour it into the foam box behind. After 15 minutes team that has more water will wins

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