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The Vietnam Health Ministry together with the Tourism Ministry and other relevant organizations are planning to launch the trial of vaccine passports to welcome international tourists to some specific destinations that have been effectively controlling the new Coronavirus outbreak.

International tourists wishing to visit the island must have a vaccination certificate (or vaccine passport) and negative PCR test results. Temporary soft isolation measures between Phu Quoc and the mainland should be applied.

This provincial authority is also urgently implementing vaccination for the island’s citizens in order to restore international tourism as well as the local economy. Around 1,500 residents of Phu Quoc have been vaccinated so far, while around 1.5% of Vietnam’s 1.35 million people have received their first shot.

Vietnam plans to receive people coming from countries that have managed Covid-19 outbreaks well, including those that have achieved herd immunity thanks to their vaccination programs. The vaccine passport is currently envisaged as a digital document issued by the country where the vaccine has been administered.


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