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“A program that is totally choked with emotion”, this is the feeling of the members of the French-Vietnamese Center for Management Training – CFVG after participating in the team building program organized by Sky Asia Travel, with the theme of “CFVG integration day 2022 – Excellent Together”, at Asean Resort – Vietnam.

The French-Vietnamese Center for Management Training was established under a cooperation project signed between the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Vietnamese Ministry of Education and Training in 1992. Managed by the CCI Idle Paris Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI Idle Paris). France), the governing body of a network of excellent business schools in Europe.

The attendance is more than 100 members with different nationalities, though the team-building project still shows the spirit of cohesion and sharing as the meaning conveyed by the program. It’s such an honour for Sky Asia Travel organizing a teambuilding program second time for CFVG. We hope that we not only accompany CVFG this time, but also have chance to support and bring more creative, distinguishable projects to CVFG.

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